E-Tutoring makes writing papers easier

By Rachel Benoit

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etutoring logo

College papers can be a student’s worst nightmare.  With that dreaded due date looming near, sometimes it might seem impossible to find the right words to put on paper.  The writing process is complicated and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way!  Fitchburg State has made E-tutoring (https://www.etutoring.org/) available to all of its students, so that anyone can get online writing help from a professional with a click of a button.  The whole purpose of the service is to assist people through the ongoing writing process and to better prepare students for future assignments. Assistant Dean of Academic Support Service, Thomas Rousseau, states that,
“The tutors clarify the standards and expectations for the assignment, and help students develop high-order skills needed for the organization, brainstorming, and drafting phases of the writing process.”
The site is quick, easy, and free!  Using your Fitchburg State ID as the login and password, you simply select “Northeast E-tutoring Consortium” and then Fitchburg State.  Any graduate or undergraduate student who has a writing assignment can submit a paper any day of the week.  You can do this at home, on your own computer, without worrying about meeting your professor during their office hours.  You can also pick between different types of E-tutoring that best suit your needs.  For example, in the Online Writing lab, you submit a draft of your paper and receive constructive feedback from a tutor within 24-48 hours.  The tutors accept all subjects and allow three revisions per assignment.
In Live Tutoring, a student meets with a tutor in one-on-one sessions through an “interactive online environment.”  Other features include eChat, a “live communication tool” that lets students and tutors chat instantaneously, and the Resources section which provides tips, techniques and links to further guide students when writing a college paper.
The collaboration of knowledge between the E-tutors gives any student access to a variety of opinions and ideas.  This is one reason why Greg Fallon, associate dean for learning, believes that E-tutoring works so well:
“The network of talent made available through the pooling of resources of the participating schools is hugely superior to whatever any individual institution may possess.”
Even if you don’t think that E-tutoring is right for you, Rousseau still encourages students to seek help if they need it. He also believes that the ability to write well, or “demonstrate what you know through the written word,” is beneficial for any college student, no matter what their major is. If you prefer a more personable experience with a tutor, make an appointment at the tutor center, located on the third floor of the library.
So for your next college paper, give yourself a better chance at success.  Consider logging on to the E-tutoring website or going to the FSU tutor center.  By planning ahead and getting help, writing a paper doesn’t have to be a stressful experience anymore.  And, most importantly, you can get feedback that will guide you along the way toward getting a good grade.