Rave overdoses: why music shouldn't be blamed

DJ Zedd preforming at the House of Blues
DJ Zedd preforming at the House of Blues

By Nick Froment

At the end of August 2013, two people overdosed at New York City’s Electric Zoo festival. Upon making national news, the deaths caused a lot of controversy across the globe. It was found that both deaths involved an overdose of pure ecstasy, known as MDMA. This drug causes the human brain to secrete serotonin and dopamine into the system, inducing euphoria, sentimentality, and a sense of intimacy with everyone around, a drug that has not garnered much attention until recently. Electric Zoo was forced to shut down for its final day, a disappointment for dedicated music-lovers.

People across the globe have blamed the music for causing these overdoses, claiming the industry needs to be shut down for people to stop dying. We live in a prominent era of music, and it is going to take a lot for the fans of dance music to be quieted down. Electronic dance music (known as EDM) has taken off, and everyone wants to partake in its experience. The genre includes house music as well as bass-orientated dance tracks. Having been to nine shows, I fully approve of the experience. Despite the outstanding fun that these concerts provide, people who don’t know their limits can ruin it for everyone.

Just like with Electric Zoo, there were also overdoses at the House of Blues that same week. European DJ “Zedd” (see image) put on one of the most electrifying shows on the east coast, sending shockwaves throughout the entire city of Boston. He originally planned to perform two separate concerts in succession, but the second one was shut down, just like EZOO would be the following weekend.

Ravers that go to the concerts for the music are the ones that make the scene great, and an entire concert hall (or festival for that matter) should not have to suffer for the misbehaviors of a few. The music should not be blamed for these deaths, because music is 100% safe. You can never O.D. on music.

Some changes need to be made to keep these deaths from happening. People need to know their limits. Staying hydrated is the most important thing when raving. Lets eliminate the death toll at these concerts and prove to society that our generation can handle itself.