Fitchburg State celebrates the Sox

By Nick Froment

Victory was in the air as Red Sox pitcher Koji struck out the last Cardinal on the mound. Sox fans from all over campus eagerly rushed outside to Highland Avenue with a sense of great pride for their winning team. It didn’t take long for a huge crowd to form near Campus Pizza. A man on a balcony set up some external speakers that played “Sweet Caroline”, followed by numerous Boston-strong chants. The energy was high and electric. Everywhere you looked people were jumping, yelling, singing- even crowd surfing.  It was an epic World Series celebration.

When the cops began to move in, the crowd rearranged itself and charged into the quad. It was disorganized, but it worked. This was where the real party started. Flags were waved and music was blasted while the festivities raged for another good half hour. The Red Sox had not clinched the World Series in Boston since 1918, but now history had changed.  This occasion was long overdue for diehard Sox fans.

The cops eventually broke up the quad party, but that didn’t stop the crowd from moving the party to the street. Beer flowed like waterfalls down the gullets of the 21-plus residents as they chanted more celebratory songs. Even as students began to head back to their dorms,  high fives were exchanged with words of enthusiasm. Being a part of this celebration was one of the best experiences I’ve had on this campus-and I’m sure others will agree. Victory was in the air.