Same old story: out-of-date course curriculum

Some courses may need a major update

By Westley McGeoghegan

It’s almost at the end of this semester at Fitchburg State University and nothing in the business department has changed. I’m a senior management student and again I’m finding myself facing another outdated course curriculum.

The class is Organizational Behavior and Theory. I had high hopes for this class because I had never taken a course with this particular professor but was quickly let down when within the first week we started to watch tired old videos from 1992. Studying the history of business behavior and culture is important; but don’t you think we should be learning from material that is actually relevant? Maybe material that will prepare students for the real world in 2013?

An older classmate of mine in his 40’s asked the same questions to the professor and she replied “well, we can’t get new videos every day.” How about every decade? Two formats of video have come and gone since 1992 and we are still playing VHS’s. I thought ok, maybe just the videos are outdated. Next class I received a handout and the sources of this information dated to 1994. The business workplace evolves very fast and has changed dramatically since the early 90’s. I’m just trying to figure out why tuition is going up and the curriculums aren’t being reworked and adapted to new material and information.