Stressors during the holidays

Are you stressed?

By Jennie Tanner

The holidays. No matter what religion one may be, we all celebrate some form of a holiday during the months of November and December. If you’re anything like the typical family, I would assume your parents become crazed with last minute holiday stress; I know mine do. Or maybe you have the dad that forgets to buy Christmas presents for your mom until Christmas Eve, and then runs around trying to find things that will make his wife happy. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the rare exceptions that has a family that is well organized and put together over the holidays… but what’s the fun of that?

According to sophomore Tim Allen, his family’s biggest holiday stress is “getting everyone together, because everyone is coming from different points in New England.” Junior Andrew Tobojka states that his biggest holiday stress is “having the food prepared on time for when everybody arrives, and having something there for everyone so that they all enjoy the meal”.

Freshman Scott Davies has something entirely different to say on his biggest holiday stress; “[My biggest holiday stress] is probably un-decorating and redecorating. It’s like a two day process every year.”

According to, the biggest holiday stressor is the annoying lines and crowds in retail stores. Followed by this, the next four top stressors are gaining weight, gift shopping, the hassles of travelling, and seeing certain relatives. All of these are very valid reasons to be stressed; with all the excess food around during the holidays and the problems of choosing the right gifts and the issues with travelling when it snows.

Regardless of all the holiday craziness and stress, just remember that the holidays are also a time of joy and happiness. The holidays are meant to remind you of what’s important: family and close friends; laughs and good times. So enjoy yourself, no matter what your biggest stress may be.