It's all good at the 50/50

By Haylee LaBell

50 50 diner
Fitchburg’s 50/50 Diner serves up good food and friendly service. (Staff photo by Keegan Byron-Camardella)

A local diner with great food and friendly staff that remembers your name – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well think again, because that is exactly what you get at the 50/50 Diner located at 440 River St. in Fitchburg.
On a recent visit to the diner, I immediately felt welcomed; whether you are a regular or a newcomer, you’re greeted at the door with big smiles. I personally am not a regular yet, but I plan to be.
Fitchburg State University sophomore Danielle Blondin describes the diner as “one of those hole-in-the-wall diners that has the best food and environment in Fitchburg.” And I must say, I have to agree with her.
I have eaten at the diner a total of four times so far and have yet to be disappointed. I have tasted the diner’s selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and every single one was exceptional.
The 50/50 is the definition of a local diner. Locals from Fitchburg and other surrounding cities and towns eat at the diner on a daily basis. When I sit in the diner, I observe my surroundings, and I like what I see. The employees are always smiling and know their customers’ names and their “usual” order.
The employees are the cherry on top of the great food that really make the diner stand out. They’re not only exceptionally friendly – they don’t keep you waiting. Shortly after you order, your food arrives, which is perfect for people who are in a rush. But if you’re not, the diner is a great place to hang out and enjoy the friendly faces and conversations.
The majority of the times I have been to the 50/50 my waitress was a girl named Ashley. She took the time to interact with me and have a real conversation, and even chatted with me about the diner and her experience there. She is the daughter of one of the owners, so the diner is a second home to her.
Ashley admitted to me, “I love our regulars but I also enjoy seeing new faces. We want our diner to succeed and the more new faces we see the more the word of mouth is spreading about our humble home.” She also stated she doesn’t want the diner to “lose the touch of being a place for locals.”
While the 50/50 is nothing fancy, it is still a perfect place to enjoy Sunday brunch, not to mention that it will not put a serious dent in your wallet. Customers get great quality food at low, reasonable prices.
The 50/50 is certainly a hidden gem. Don’t let this exceptional experience pass you by. Although they have extra seating on the side for larger parties, there is still a wait on the weekends during the breakfast rush. The wait is worth it. From the outside you may not think twice about this place; I have driven by numerous times and never stopped in,  and that was a mistake.
Take advantage of this old-fashioned dining experience. You won’t be disappointed.