Eat a cupcake, or two

7868427690_681623a829_bBy Kate Domenichella
“Sprinkles Cupcakes will soon have an ATM that dispenses something far sweeter—and more gastronomically satisfying—than money: cupcakes,” according to the blog Georgetown Voice.
From the development of this story to its fruition in the Upper East Side of New York City, a new take on an ATM machine caught many of my fellow Facebook friends off guard. I watched multiple statuses appear on my newsfeed with a link to the one article I would read that would fuel my cupcake addiction.
But one status in particular caught my attention: “Way to go America, great way to say to the rest of the world… ‘We’re fat.’” I stopped scrolling and had to check out the article, “Cupcake ATM Pops Out Treats in 10 Seconds” by ABC News writer Genevieve Shaw Brown.
The Facebook comments were endless: “Wow you sugar addicted people! More reason to get fat and waste money while doing it. I’m not doubting it tastes good, but unfortunately it’s no good for you”, “In case you were wondering when it was going to become even easier to get fat in America, here’s your answer”, “Yes, this is precisely what our obese society needs” and a personal favorite- “Obesity, is that you?”
To be quite frank, America- a 24 hour cupcake ATM does not make you fat. Your lifestyle and personal choices do. It’s called moderation, but better yet, it’s called self-control.
Yes, it’s true that obesity rates in adults have doubled over the years and have more than tripled in children (F as in Fat). However, those reading this in Massachusetts should know that we’re on the lower side of obesity rates- we rank at 49 out of 51 (District of Columbia included) at 22.9 percent (F as in Fat). Our cupcake fanatics know self-control.
In regards to marketing, the food and beverage industry spends almost two billion dollars publicizing their products (F as in Fat). Sprinkles Cupcakes (the founders of the cupcake ATM) currently has six cupcake ATM locations and 16 storefront locations in most major cities in the United States.
It is estimated that if those six cupcake ATMs sell roughly 365,000 cupcakes to sweet tooth enthusiasts, Sprinkles Cupcakes will have a nine million dollar business on their hands.
Evidently, those who make lifestyle choices based on their self-control will pay $4.25 at a cupcake ATM to indulge in a small cake full of satisfying, and sweet calories… but who’s counting those pesky numbers anyway?
Though these cupcake ATMs are planted in the hearts of some of America’s busiest cities, it does not encourage obesity any more than the Mcdonald’s restaurants around every corner. The cupcake ATMs should be seen as a fun new creation for those with a sweet tooth.
The ATM does not “squeal” at Americans to buy the cupcakes, but rather gives a little push if a craving arises.
“I noticed the Cupcake ATM does not dispense receipts. Perhaps this is for the best. That way, no one will ever know you were there.”**
My advice?  Eat a cupcake, or two.
*Quote from Marisa Hawley in “Sprinkles cupcake ATM coming to Georgetown fall 2014”
** Quote from Susannah Breslin in “A Cupcake ATM Dispenses Love”