The masterpieces of "Visions"

visionsBy Casey Bourque
Every year in March, Fitchburg State communication students start gathering their best pieces of work and enter the masterpieces to be shown at Visions.
Visions 2014 is one of the biggest events that happens on campus and is open to the public. It is the Communication students’ version of an art show where many different groups enter Photography, Graphic Design, theater Forum, Visions Forum, Film and Video, and Interactive Media/Game Design.
This years Visions will be opening on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 at 3:30 on the second floor of Ellis White, past the game room. This is where a couple of panelists will open up the discussion on their insights and their values of their respective field.
Then at 4:30pm the Visions Forum, which displays all that has to do with communications at FSU, will begin.
At 5:30pm there will be a gallery opening and a reception on the second floor of Hammond Hall where student graphic design and photography work will be displayed.
At 7pm, there will be a Theater Showcase in Weston Auditorium where Fitchburg State students will be reading and acting from the scenes of skits and plays that they spent much of their valuable time to create.
And last but not least, at 8pm following the Theater showcase in Weston, students will be proudly displaying their hard work-driven student-made films and videos of all genres during the Film and Video Showcase.
The most common question that everyone asks when they enter into visions is “How do they decide which work is better than the others?”
As Coelynn McInich, a woman of many jobs within the Communications Media Department put it,  “We aren’t supposed to tell you…but there is no rubric”.
Instead, they have a couple of teachers from the departments that they feel are enthusiasts for this type of work and they bring in one or two people from another department for “second opinions”. In other words, the decision is based on the eyes of the viewers who see it first.
There isn’t a definitive number of students that entered their work to be recognized at Visions this year but Coe mentioned that “there were about 220 works submitted for photography alone and only 32 have the privilege to be displayed.”
This single statistic proves that Visions shows only the most prestigious pieces done by FSU students, which means that it is bound to be a breath-taking display.
Since admission for all galleries and exhibitions are free to the public, all Fitchburg State students should take a bit of time out of their day on April 30th to support your talented FSU Communications peers.