Interning with Elizabeth Warren

Currently interning with Elizabeth Warren. (Photo by Shylah Maloney)

By James Michelini
Shylah Maloney was born to be a politician. Maloney, a senior at Fitchburg State University, is currently interning with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren while trying to get her foot in the political door so she too can one day make a name for herself in the world of politics.
“My first interest in politics began when I was in middle school and we had to do those fake campaigns.” Maloney said. “I remember I chose the Green Party because no one else ever really chooses them. We did multiple campaigns throughout the year and that was when my interest really began in politics.”
Maloney continued, “The thing I like most about politics is being able to help people. We get a lot of calls on different issues and I think through voting and campaigning, things can change and get better for everybody.”
Maloney is currently interning with Senator Warren from September until December when she will graduate from Fitchburg State. Maloney’s choice of interning for Senator Warren and not another politician instead was based on a couple of different reasons.
“I decided to intern with Senator Warren because at the moment she is one of the most influential women in power and to have her in Massachusetts is amazing and I really respect everything that she stands for.” Maloney stated. “Everything she does is for the people. One of her major platforms is student debt and higher education and that is something the affects the young people in this country,” said Maloney.
Maloney is an assistant to the regional director for the South Shore region. She works for Julia Frederick. A normal day at the office for Maloney includes taking calls on various issues. She’ll then call different agencies like Veteran Affairs or Clean Energy if there’s a solar problem. Maloney likes to describe her job as being the “middle man” between the constituents and the agencies.
After Maloney graduates from Fitchburg State and completes her internship, she plans to join a campaign and then attend law school next fall all while attempting to become a paralegal. Maloney plans on attending law school at Boston University. She hopes that one day this will all lead to her being able to accomplish her dream of being on one of Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.