Student Development provides artful support



Posters publicizing events around campus are often made with help from Student Development. (Fitchburg State file photo)

By Ariel Chicklis

There is an under-utilized resource tucked away inside the Fitchburg State University campus. It is a place where all of the arts and crafts supplies you could possibly need are readily available to you – and they are free.

This place is called the Office of Student Development and it is located on the first floor of the Hammond Building. This office provides completely student-run and free service for students on campus who are trying to promote and launch new clubs and organizations, or maintain and expand their already existing ones.
“We provide everything from room bookings for an event to posters, markers, glitter and paint to publicize for each of the 50-plus organizations on campus,” explained staff member Evelyn Pelland.
Senior Megan Walsh said student groups appreciate the help. “I was the president of [Fitchburg Activities Board] last year, and it was such a big help to have free art materials that I could use to publicize for my club,” Walsh said. itchburg Activities Board. She said she firmly believes that her events last year were successful because she had the office and the staff to assist her with every aspect of her events.
The Office of Student Development employs five professional staff members and approximately 50 student staff members. All are paid, and the office also offers work-study programs. This is an office ready be taken full advantage of by students who are dedicated to their extra-curricular activities.
“This campus center is the ‘living room of the campus’ because it is a place where all students can come and feel welcome while still utilizing all that we have to offer,” said Mike Makoski, associate director of operations for the Hammond Campus Center.
In addition to providing materials, the office is a place to get advice for promoting your club.