Focus on Faith

By Emily Antonelli
 Last semester, a faith and spirituality club arrived on campus! And this semester, the club is kicking off strong! If you find yourself with nothing to do at 5 p.m. on a Wednesday night, you might consider attending a session.
The club is called “Focus on Faith”and according to club president Zachary Pierce, it’s a place where people can, “discuss religious and philosophical beliefs of all kinds”. The club holds discussions about the world’s religions and applies their concepts to daily life. Meetings are on Wednesday nights at 5 p.m. in Hammond 314.
“It is important to have a place on campus for people to discuss their beliefs in an environment that is open and inviting and it’s important for people to experience other religions and beliefs in order to better understand the world” says Pierce.
Other activities that take place during “Focus on Faith” are readings from various religious texts, comparing and contrasting different religious beliefs, discussions on the history of different faiths, and learning what faith means to different people.  There are also plans to participate and observe different religious events.
“I have a love for diversity and a love of faith.” Pierce stated, “I’m not a particularly religious person, but I love the idea of spirituality and having faith.  I thought the best way to fulfill that love was to start this club.”
Pierce also is not worried about disagreements or arguments taking place during club meetings because his goal is to, “create a place where people can experience each other’s opinions in a safe and mature way.”  Pierce feels that if things were to get out of hand he would “find a way to handle it.”
The club got its start through CDI, The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness, as of last semester. Zachary Pierce acts as the club’s president (or, as it’s written in his contract, el presidente). Working with him are Blynne Driscoll (vice president), Troy Zaher (secretary), Tasha Hashem (Treasurer), and Tasha McCartney (Public Relations).
To anyone interesting in joining, Pierce had this to say: “anyone is welcome to join. You don’t have to believe in anything to be part of this club.  It is a place for you to feel welcomed about the ideas you have and not be persecuted about them.”
Interested in joining “Focus on Faith” or have any questions regarding the club? Log in to OrgSync for further details and contact information.