Vick makes most of second chance

By Alex Teal

Michael Vick's on-field performance is winning back fans. (photo by Keith Allison)

It is said that time heals all, and in the sports world it is no different, especially in the case of Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick.
Three years ago, Vick was arrested for operating an illegal dog-fighting ring on one of his properties. The ex-all-pro pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison and an additional two months of house arrest.
In addition to losing two years of his life, Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and garnered huge amounts of negative attention from the public.
Today, Vick’s story seems headed for a happier ending. Signed by the Philadelphia Eagles after his release from prison, he started at quarterback this fall for the first time since 2006.
It was in Week 1 of this season, when Eagles first-string quarterback Kevin Kolb was sidelined with a concussion, that Vick had his time to shine. He didn’t disappoint. In weeks 2 and 3 Vick piled up 5 touchdowns through the air to go along with a rushing touchdown and impressive 575 pass yards.
Kolb is expected to start tomorrow as Vick continues to heal from a rib injury suffered in the Oct. 3 game against Washington. 
Still, the gamble on Vick seems to have paid off for Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, who had told reporters, “I’m a believer that, as long people go through the right process, they deserve a second chance. Michael has done that. I’ve … followed his progress. He’s got some great people in his corner. It’s up to Michael to prove that change is taking place ”
Prior to Vick’s conviction, he was playing for the Atlanta Falcons, having been drafted with the first pick in 2001. There he had become one of the most exciting players in league history, dazzling fans and opponents with lengthy touchdown runs and passes with baseball-like velocity. He had played his college years at Virginia Tech, where he amassed outstanding numbers as well as a third-place finish in the Heisman race in his freshman season.
Now, as he makes the most of his second chance, all have not yet forgiven Vick for his wrongdoing. But the sports world seems ready to accept him with open arms due to his on-field performance.