Advice: You ask, Mimi answers

Dear Mimi,
My roommate keeps trying to “socialize” me, saying that I need to go out or join clubs instead of hanging out on my computer all the time. I’ve tried telling her that I don’t need to be social, but she won’t listen. How do I tell her politely to lay off?
Anti-Social Butterfly
Dear Anti- Social Butterfly,
I can imagine a typical Friday night in your dorm. You’re wearing sweats, a t-shirt you stole from a boy you “don’t still have feelings for,” and are intently focused on your laptop, where you are simultaneously IM-ing six different people and kicking butt on World of Warcraft.
Meanwhile, your roommate is squeezing into her True Religions for a night on the town. You are both probably very happy with your plans for the evening, but in her eyes you just look like a nerdy outcast living a bleak existence. No offense!
When she invites you to come with to a party, or suggests you join a club, she’s just trying to be nice and make sure you’re not lonely.  One of these days, take her up on her offer and accompany her to whatever shindig is happening that night. Who knows, you could end up having a blast. Even if you don’t, I’m sure your avatar will be eagerly awaiting your return.