Unlikely rivals in pitched battle

Giants fans have waited more than half a century for this. (photo by Jared Kelly)

By Alex Teal

If someone had told you in April that the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers were their pick for the World Series, you would have told them they were crazy.
Yet that’s the matchup, and it’s intriguing for true baseball fans because the teams are not considered “Big Market.” The Giants are going for their first world championship since 1954, and the Rangers are going for their first world championship ever.
Both teams feature Cy Young Award-winning aces in Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum.
“It’s going to be a good challenge,” Lee said. “I feel like if we pick up where we left off these last couple series and play the game the way we’ve been playing, then we’ll be all right.”
The Rangers were steady throughout the regular season, lifted by their starting pitching and a lethal combination of small ball and raw power that led them to the American League title.
The Giants, on the other hand, got hot late and made a dramatic run into the Fall Classic, behind the hot bat of Cody Ross, who won NLCS MVP honors while belting 3 homeruns in the series.
“I could never imagine being in a situation like this,” Ross said. “I’m just going to cherish it. This is a special time for me.”