Getting Involved

Written By: Marisa Chambers
With Fitchburg State’s population being nearly 50% commuters, most of the students we see on campus are just here for their classes and are gone by 3:30. Though the reason we are here in college is to get an education, there is so much more to Fitchburg State than our academics. Getting involved on campus is something that should be a part of the college experience, and with over fifty clubs and organizations on campus, any student is able to find something they enjoy. All of the clubs and organizations open up opportunities for leadership by joining the executive board and friendship with all the members of the club. Just to name a few, here are some ways to get involved at Fitchburg State to make your four (or five) years even more enjoyable.
Greek Life
Although I am biased in this category, there’s no denying that Greek life is one of the biggest communities on this campus. We see students walking around in these t-shirts with unfamiliar letters because they are proud of the sisterhood or brotherhood they pledged to join. This is one of the fastest way to make new friends and opens the doors to be involved with the school and it’s surrounding community. Not to mention it is a great resume builder due to the volunteering and business aspects of a sorority or fraternity.
FAB (Fitchburg Activities Board)
This club is all about fun by planning activities for students to do in between classes, after classes, and even on weekends. You can always find flyers around campus of FAB promoting an upcoming event which is usually little to no cost for students. They plan the very popular Spring Week event, where you can find free food, t-shirts, concerts, hypnotists, and much more that is all chosen by the members of FAB. Being a part of the planning for the events that students have the most fun at definitely sounds like a great feeling.
Academic Clubs
Education club, Computer Science club, Exercise and Sports Science club are just a few of the clubs on campus dedicated to our majors. These clubs are great because the people in the club will already have common interests based on what they are studying, and you could definitely find someone to do homework with. These clubs hold events based on their field of study to benefit others in the major and show off their knowledge based on what they have learned in classes. We all chose our major for a reason and hopefully are passionate about it, so a club based on that alone is a great experience.
Cultural Clubs
Fitchburg State has an office dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness, which may not be something other schools can say. Asian Cultural Society, Black Student Union, and Latin American Student Organization (LASO) are some of the organizations that focus on cultures that students may not know about if they do not belong to it. These organizations will help you find friends that are similar to you that you may not encounter otherwise. They are great because they spread knowledge about their culture to students by holding celebrations for holidays with food that is all specific to their culture.
Volunteer Center
If you feel like paying it forward or like to help others out, the Volunteer Center is the place to go. They are almost always in need of volunteers for events on and off campus. The events that look for student volunteers are nearly always fun, and you will make friends while doing it. Anything from painting a fence to volunteering at the senior center to helping out at a blood drive will surely make you feel good about yourself while getting involved all at the same time!
Getting involved on campus definitely shouldn’t seem like a chore because they include so many benefits for students. Even if there isn’t something that interests you, going out of your comfort zone and trying something new is definitely worth a shot. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even start your own club or organization through the Office of Student Development. You can find a complete list of clubs and organizations here including a link to most of them that can give you more information on what they specifically do. Put that student activity fee to good use and join a club or organization!