Falcons Fight Hunger with a Swipe

By Emma Thomson In hopes of implementing change regarding food insecurity for its students, Fitchburg State University’s Student Development Office, OneCard Office, and Chartwells Dining Service have collaborated to create … Read More

Introducing: The New and Improved Campus Pizza

By Shawna Peete & Andrew Nalewski Food is a versatile thing; it can be used for sustenance, comfort, recreation, and social fun. Making the food employs three out of four … Read More

One Bite Closer to a Healthy Life

By: Faith Chesbrough Being vegan does not mean that you shove tofu down people’s throats or that you hate “meat-eaters.” It means that you do not eat anything that came … Read More

‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’

On Monday, the dining hall measured the amount of food wasted by students during peak dining hours, and recorded that 220 pounds were wasted at that time. On Wednesday and … Read More

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