Introducing: The New and Improved Campus Pizza

By Shawna Peete & Andrew Nalewski Food is a versatile thing; it can be used for sustenance, comfort, recreation, and social fun. Making the food employs three out of four … Read More

From serving soldiers to students

By Cillea Houghton If you’re walking down Main Street in Fitchburg, one of the most common hot spots is Goomba’s Pizzeria, a popular restaurant for Fitchburg State University students, known … Read More

Il Forno Restaurant Review

By Mia Ferazzi Most meals are enjoyable at restaurants because of the location of the restaurant and the company surrounding you while you consume someone else’s cuisine. This is the … Read More

Goombas serves up fresh pizza with a killer taste

By Erin Fay How would you like to eat while surrounded by gangsters? At Goombas Pizzeria/Trattoria in Fitchburg, you can do just that. But don’t be alarmed—these gangsters are simply … Read More

For value, Pizza King reigns

By Jason Pacitti College students are constantly looking for the best value when eating out, and they just might find it at Pizza King. On Wednesdays at this pizza restaurant, … Read More

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