For value, Pizza King reigns

Pizza King employees are ready to welcome their customers. (staff photo by Amy Giambrocco)

By Jason Pacitti

College students are constantly looking for the best value when eating out, and they just might find it at Pizza King.

On Wednesdays at this pizza restaurant, located on North Main St. in Leominster, college students are treated to a 50-percent discount, and any large sub costs just $3.95.

As the name implies, Pizza King specializes in the Italian pies, with regular pizzas ranging from a small, one-topping for $5.95 to a large, three-topping for $11.45.

Gourmet pizzas include BBQ Pulled Pork ($7.25 small-$12.25 large); Mediterranean with spinach, feta, tomatoes and olives ($7.75 small-$12.75 large); and Boneless Buffalo Chicken ($6.95 small-$11.95 large).

Sub selections feature Cheeseburger ($5.95 large), Chicken Cordon Bleu ($6.50 large), and Pepper, Egg & Cheese ($5.75 large).

But Pizza King does not just cook pizza and subs. There are calzones, specialty wraps, and even entrees such as the Fish ‘n’ Chips Dinner ($8.95).

While on a date on a Wednesday, I decided to stop in at Pizza King. Opening the door, I found the pizza shop filled with the hustle and bustle of the college-age crowd, with a few local regulars to round out the demographic. I noticed the employees of the shop had a friendly relationship with all of their customers. Their mannerisms gave a “you guys are the future of America” feel as college students paid for their cheap, delicious meals.

Pizza King may be a few miles from campus, but they go the extra mile to make college students feel at home. Not only is their menu extensive, but upon request they will cook meals other than those listed.

We ordered the King Special Sub, a large order of Buffalo Chicken Tenders (regularly priced at $11.25), Stuffed Shells ($5.95), a 2-liter soda and a big bag of chips. The bill was less than $20 – a deal not many places can beat.

Pizza King offers the hard-working college crowd home-cooked meals that cannot be compared to what is served in Holmes or the Commuter Café. The food is rich, hearty and full of flavor – it’s a taste fit for royalty.