Her Story: 1848 to Forever March is Women’s History Month

Her Story: 1848 to Forever  March is Women’s History Month

By: Marty Daly
March is Women’s History Month. An entire month dedicated to the hard work and perseverance of women around the globe. In a Society where the Glass Ceiling still exists and more conservative thinkers find our sister to be an inferior gender, it is only appropriate to dedicate a month as a reflection of her counter action.
Being one of the more liberal and progressive states, it is only natural that Massachusetts would hold numerous events to celebrate the next 31 days properly.
Kicking off the occasion a month early, 7 Hills Poetry Slam- a group of slam poets based in Worcester County- held a slam at the Raven in Worcester. The theme: Power to Women. While the turnout was fairly low due to the anti-Trump protest at the courthouse a few blocks over, the power and moral of the handful of attendees and performers alike was far from absent. The winning lady received the pleasure of representing 7 Hills in a nationwide slam competition in Texas
Fast forward to February 25th, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester Ma held a presentational fundraiser in an attempt to bring attention to victims of violence. Hosted by V-Day Mayhem Entertainment and Cinch IT, “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer To stop Violence Against Women and Girls” will be read to a crowd at a 10 dollar admission at the door which will be donated to the Katie Brown Educational Program.
While these are great for those who were able to make it out to Worcester, what of those who missed it? What of those who can’t make it to Boston for some of the bigger events? Well fear not, your school is not going to neglect this month by any means.
It just so happens that tonight in the President’s’ Hall in the Mazzaferro Center on 291 Highland Ave, Amherst College Associate Professor Leah Schmalzbauer will be hosting the Nancy Kelly Memorial lecture at 3.30pm. She will be conducting a powerful presentation of “Motherhood, Migration and ‘Illegality’ in the Rural American West”
Let us not forget our sisters of varying origins! Following Professor Schmalzbauer presentation in just 24 short hours, there will be a discussion panel held in Hammond Hall Main Lounge. Tomorrow’s topic: “Celebrating International Women’s Day: Challenges Faced by Women Across the Globe in the 21st Century” Hosted by international students and faculty, these ladies will be there to present and answer questions about subjects abroad. As an attendee of these events, you can expect refreshments, perspective and a feeling of empowerment and inspiration.
Still struggling to fit in this week’s events? Well, you’re still in luck because the school will be hosting two more events at the conclusion of the month.
While there is plenty of political aspects to be discussed this week, what of the arts? This honorary month would not be complete without a view into the creative spectrum. “Women in the Arts – A Celebration of Women’s History Month” will be exhibited on Thursday the 23rd at 4 pm in the Kent Recital Hall in the Conlon Fine Arts building.
In conclusion of such an eventful month, we return to Hammond’s Main Lounge on the 31st with Fitchburg State’s Feminist Conservations club for their second- now annual- Lead(h)ership Conference from 2 to 5 pm. The conference will focus on women in the workplace. If you are interested in participating in this conference, the club encourages you to inquire with their Vice President, Seferine Baez, at [email protected].
If you are able to leave campus for some of the other celebratory events around the state, be sure to check local papers such as the Globe and Telegram in order to see what some of the other cities are up to in honor female Martyrs and history makers17039402_405921246428944_8373197900967752709_o.jpg