Meet the Athlete of the Week!


Written By: Maddie Driscoll
Photo Credit: Anna Gagnon Burch
From an idea to a dream to a reality Senior Captain of the Women’s Lacrosse Ali Laferriere has recently become the Women’s Lacrosse new leader of highest career goals and career points at Fitchburg State University. With such an incredible accomplishment we sat down with Ali Laferriere and asked her about her journey to this triumphant success.
Interviewer: What made you want to play lacrosse?
Laferriere: When I was in the 4th or 5th grade my parents and I had been driving through a neighboring town and we drove by a field where girls were playing some type of sport. I asked my dad what they were playing in which he replied “Lacrosse”. I thought the sport looked very interesting and so I had told my parents that I wanted to try that sport. My parents thought I was kidding but a few years later when I was in the 7th grade I saw a lacrosse flyer and decided that I wanted to play. And from that day on I started playing and never looked back.
Interviewer: After playing in middle school and in high school what made you want to play in college? More specifically what made you want to come to Fitchburg State?
Laferriere: In the beginning of high school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after I graduated. I could have gotten a job, gone to a community college, or gone to a four year college. Although playing lacrosse had influenced my decision to go to a four year college because the more I played in high school the more I realized I wasn’t done playing yet. Lacrosse was the one sport that I chose to play when I was younger and I just wasn’t ready to give it up just yet.
When I was looking at colleges I knew I wanted to play lacrosse there and so I was trying to find the right team along with the right campus. Luckily Fitchburg was just that. The girls on the lacrosse team were very friendly and nice and were almost like a family which is what drew me in. I remember my parents had asked me would I be happy at Fitchburg if I didn’t have lacrosse. If I had gotten a serious injury that ended my lacrosse career would I still be happy at Fitchburg State? Which my answer was yes, yes I would still be happy at Fitchburg State because this campus has so much to offer.
Interviewer: Fitchburg State offers many different majors so what made you want to major in history?
Laferriere: In high school history was one of my favorite classes. I have always been fascinated by the time period of the American Revolution and so when I came to Fitchburg I wanted to study history because it is something that I am passionate about. I know there aren’t many occupations in History but I would rather work a job I love for the bare minimum than to work a job I hate for a ton of money.
Interviewer: Well speaking about jobs what are your plans after college?
Laferriere: I guess there are several different things I would like to do. I would like to either work in a museum or become a history teacher because that relates to my field of study. But I would also like to become a lacrosse coach as well. I think at first I would like to become an assistant coach and then work my way up to a head coach. As of right now I don’t know what level I would want to coach but I would probably want to be the assistant coach of a high school or college team.
Interviewer: Just out of curiosity but, if you were offered the position to become an assistant coach at Fitchburg State would you?
Laferriere: Ha, well that’s an interesting question. I guess as much as I love this team and I love the coaching staff I would probably decline the offer. The reason why is because this program has grown so much over the years and this program has the potential to grow even further and I just don’t want to be hanging over it. I want this program to flourish on its own.
Interviewer: That’s true this program has become very successful especially now with you breaking not only one record but two records. So, what does this mean to you breaking those records and becoming the new leader of the broken records?
Laferriere: Well I guess what this comes down to is that my parents were always right. My parents had always said and believed that I could do this. I had a pretty good freshmen year and I remember my mom telling me that I was going to make it in the record books. Which as a freshmen, I didn’t believe her. Yet, that pushed me to do better and became a goal I strived for and well here I am. I couldn’t have broken this record without the help of my teammates, my coaches, or my family. By breaking this record it just shows how much this program has improved over the years and so I hope in the future someone comes along and shatters this record because it will once again show the growth of this program.
Interviewer: Now Ali I know it’s hard to believe but you have been on this team for four years. So, what has it been like being a part of this team for the past four years are you going to miss it?
Laferriere: Definitely, I’m going to miss this team a lot because this team means family. When I first came onto this team as a freshmen to me being on this team as a senior this team has felt like home. Our coach is like the biggest cheerleader he just wants what’s best for us. He really does want us to succeed and I owe it to him along with my other teammates because they saw potential in me before I noticed. As a team we have shared a lot of good memories like beating Bridgewater and Westfield. I think what made those games so great was that it was a team win. It wasn’t just one person doing all the work it was everyone contributing. This team has offered a lot to me because they have allowed me to grow as a person in ways I did not expect. They have helped shaped who I am today and I am so thankful for them which is what makes each year harder to say goodbye.
Interviewer: You’re approaching the half way point of your season so as a team what are your goals?
Laferriere: Since my freshmen year our main goal has been to win the MASCAC Championship. I think this year we have the potential to do so because we have a lot of players that are willing to work hard. I’m willing to take heart and hustle over talent any day. This team is fairly young but, they are willing to put in the effort. So, I hope as the season progresses we begin to grow more as a team and end up with a successful season.
Even though Ali Laferriere has just made a great milestone in her career she is just getting warmed up. She still has so much to offer to her team and has many more dreams to make a reality. We thank you, Ali, for your time and hope to see you at the end of that season with a MASCAC Championship! To follow Ali and the Women’s Lacrosse team season go onto the Falcon Sports Network page or follow the Women’s Lacrosse team’s twitter account. Stay tuned to watch Ali make some noise as her season comes to an end.