Greek Life is for YOU!


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By: Samantha Lucier
As a freshman, beginning your first semester as a college student can seem daunting. You want to find out where you fit in this new world and may be unsure of where to start. Luckily Fitchburg State University provides many options for students when it comes to clubs and other organizations to help you get involved. One of the biggest options is the Greek Life community, which recruits a number of freshmen every year. I hope that by reading this article you can find a better understanding for how the sororities and fraternities are like here at FSU and be able to ask yourself if this is something you would want to be a part of.
Fraternities and Sororities on Campus
            There are currently five Greek organizations on campus that consist of three sororities and two fraternities, but a third fraternity will be coming soon. Each one has its own motto and set of ideals making it unique;
Alpha Sigma Tau- Active, Self-Reliant, and Trustworthy
Sigma Sigma Sigma- Faithful Unto Death
Phi Sigma Sigma- Aim High
Sigma Pi- Progress, man’s distinctive mark alone,/ Not God’s, and not the beasts’;/
God is, they are./Man partly is and wholly hopes to be.
Sigma Tau Gamma- A Path of Principles
The Pros
There are many pros to consider with Greek life, one of which being the life-long friendships that many members make. You may forge these relationships with the people you recruit with, your brothers/sisters, and even with members of the other organizations. After all, you may be part of your own group, but Greek life itself is one big family!
A big positive for many Greeks is the leadership skills that they have acquired by joining. If you choose to go out for recruitment and end up joining one of these organizations, you may then have the opportunity to hold a position within your chapter. Whether it be planning future recruitments, organizing fundraisers, or becoming president, these positions will help to get you out of your comfort zone and to take initiative to make decisions that will benefit your chapter and yourself.
Community service is a very important aspect of Greek life and is close to everyone’s hearts. Each organization has its own philanthropy that will raise money for through fundraisers. There are also many other chances to get involved with philanthropy by volunteering on and even off campus. Giving back is a huge priority for Greek life and one that leaves its members feeling better about themselves and their community.
The Con’s
            Nothing is without cons and to make a well-rounded and informed decision about something, you should always be informed about the possible negatives. A considerable con would be the fact that joining a sorority or a fraternity is not free. Every semester you must pay local dues and national dues, which vary between the organizations. However, there are things that each chapter does that gives the members an opportunity to lower these dues. A big one is working at Gillette stadium in the food stands during games and concerts. There is also a significant time commitment involved. However, plenty of Greeks are in multiple clubs outside of their organization and are still able to keep up academically and socially.
There are probably many of you that have seen a movie or two about sororities and “frats”, they make it seem like the only things they do is party and haze. These stereotypes are the actual cons and Fitchburg State does its best to break that stigma. Hazing is forbidden and doing so can cause a chapter to no longer be allowed on campus. Parties are not the main focus of members, their emphasis is on improving themselves, their chapter, and others.
So What’s Next?
            Now we’ve come to the part where you might be thinking that “hey, this is something I might be interested in, where do I go from here?” The answer is simple: go out for recruitment! There you will find even more information on each organization and will be able to meet the members and figure out which one you might want to call home. The best thing to do is to keep an eye out for the Greek Carnival that takes place right after move in and go to Rock the Block, where you will not only meet the Greeks, but also the other great clubs that Fitchburg State has to offer.
Maybe, however, you think that this might be too much of a commitment and you don’t want to join right away. That is not a problem, many people also join later into their college career. Remember that Greek life is for life and once you graduate and become an alumni member, you do not have to stop your involvement. There are plenty of ways to stay connected.
More Info
You can find more information about Greek life from Fitchburg State by visiting this link; , or by simply going onto the University’s website and find the clubs and organizations tab under Campus Life on the home page.