Discover the Art of Zentangle


by Shawna Peete
On November 17, from 7 to 9 p.m., the Fitchburg Art Museum is opening its doors late to welcome students and citizens to a night of relaxation and creativity, served with wine and paintbrushes. Retired high school art teacher, Nancy Fillip, is hosting “Art Night Out: Zentangle,” and will be teaching all attendees the art of the zentangle.
Zentangle is a therapeutic art technique that builds concentration, awareness, and confidence: three important traits for any college student. For this reason, Fillip extends a special hand to its neighbor, FSU, and the students within. Students who love art, are interested in learning new styles, or need a night to relax (before their next exams) will find this activity beneficial and relieving.
Psychologists say zentangle’s modern art form has applications in stress reduction, education, and motivational training. Although relatively new, it mimics traditional art forms from older cultures, such as Native American, Mayan, and Celtic. However, zentangle isn’t bound by traditional restrictions, and can be practiced with any choice of paper or pen.
The zentangle style is like doodling. Use ink to create small structured designs within larger images to make unique patterns, or scribble until you’re relieved of stress. Experience is not needed, the only requirement Friday is to mingle and have fun.