New at the Rec Center: Group Exercise Classes


By Savanah Hippert
Due to popular demand amongst the FSU Community, Recreation Services will now be offering group exercise classes beginning February 12 (and the 21 of February for Turbo Kick Live). Students, faculty and staff can take part in five different free classes offered every Monday and Wednesday (please refer to the graphic below for class times and details).
Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 2.09.02 PM.png
Previously, if members of the community wanted a class-like atmosphere, they would have to use a program called Fitness On Demand: available in the dance studio where users could choose a class off of a screen on the wall, a projector comes down, and users follow along as if they’re watching a YouTube tutorial. Fitness On Demand will still be available and accessible during the open hours of the dance studio when scheduled classes and events aren’t in session. All hours and open dance studio times, along with open gym and pool times, can be found at
“By bringing a group exercise program to campus that has a live instructor, not only do you get a support system motivation with your peers and your friends – and colleagues if you’re a staff member – but you have an intrinsic motivator in the instructor who can coach you through exercises and coach you past your point of wanting to quit,” says Brittany Rende, Recreation Staff Assistant.
According to an article by Brianna Steinhilber, “Researchers at Kansas State University found that people who exercised with someone they thought was better than them increased their workout time and intensity by 200 percent.”
The new group exercise classes will be taught by Libby Eppy and Kaitie Harnden, two professional instructors that you can follow along with in real time to get the assistance and feedback for a successful workout.
When Harnden was asked which one of her classes she liked to teach best, she had a joyful appreciation for all of them: “I really love the strength class because that’s where my background is… But I think the booty building, sweet cheeks class is also a favorite because girls seem to love that. You get a really good burn out of it and a really good sweat… The Ab/Core I really love too because it gives you this burn that you’re not going to get on your own because when it burns that bad you want to stop but when you’re in a class you’re going to keep going [since] everyone else is going – as much as it hurts, it’s a really good class,” she said.
There will only be a limited number of spots per class since they will take place primarily in the dance studio and the weight room, so make sure you get to The Rec a little beforehand to ensure you get a spot! Students will receive a class pass from a staff member at the front desk to enter the class. Once the passes run out, students will have to wait for the next scheduled class. Work, sweat, and succeed as a group to achieve your spring break body in no time!
In the meantime, make sure to follow Recreation Services’ social media accounts to stay up to date on further announcements and all things Rec related (Instagram: @fitchburg_rec, Twitter: @fsurec, Facebook:!