The New President of Student Government


by Muriel Baillie
Hailey O’Brien is a Junior Political Science major who has recently been elected the new president of the Student Government Association (also known as SGA) here on campus. She joined SGA fall of her freshman year because it seemed like a promising way to get involved with campus. Megg Pierce, the president at that time, convinced her to join so she could help make changes on campus.
Hailey has a lot of visions for this upcoming year for improving our campus and SGA itself. One of her main ideas is to bring clubs together and create more collaborations. “It seems we all have similar goals especially when it comes to helping others or bringing awareness to students, and if we collaborate we can bring something truly special to campus.”
A goal that she has for SGA specifically is to have the members of the senate be more active around campus so other students can get to know them. She feels as though some of her peers might not even know who or what SGA is. This would be beneficial for SGA because then students can feel more comfortable approaching SGA with any issues they may have. This also leads to an idea Hailey had of creating an event where students can come to SGA with any ideas or problems that they would like to voice. Student knowledge of SGA is important because they do a lot of things that can affect a Fitchburg State student, such as handling money for clubs.
Hailey O’Brien is very driven to improve SGA and the student-wide campus as a whole as said in her presidential words; “I am really motivated and determined to make changes on this campus and I know we can accomplish something really great.”