Campus Reaction: Red Sox Win the World Series


By Emma Thomson
On October 28, with Boston leading the series 3-1, the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers met in Dodger Stadium for the fifth game of the 2018 World Series. After nine innings, the Red Sox took home their ninth World Series Championship trophy in franchise history after a 5-1 victory over the LA Dodgers.
After the Sox’s historical win, a large group of Fitchburg State students celebrated by storming the quad, an open area at the center of several academic buildings on campus, while playing music, cheering, and showing love for Boston baseball. For some students, the 2018 World Series win hits home plate, as they reminisce on their adolescence as diehard Boston sports
Fitchburg State sophomore, Mishelle Logie, recalls attending Red Sox games frequently with her parents while growing up, and as she grew older, attending games with her friends. Logie says, “My favorite memory would have to be the game against the Cardinals. I was with three of my friends when the Sox completed a very rare triple play. It was cool to see stuff like that, that rarely happened,” Logie said.
Similarly, FSU senior, Peter Jones, acknowledges the role that the Red Sox organization played in his childhood. Without cable channels, Jones particularly recalls listening to the Red Sox play on an AM radio station, while Joe Castiglione announced the games.
Jones says, “I also pretended to be ‘Big Papi’ (referring to former Red Sox
player, David Ortiz) cranking a grand slam over ‘The Monster.’ The power lines going into my house were at the end of my lawn, so if I hit the whiffle ball over that, I had a home run.”


Despite the fact that the Red Sox franchise has completed 118 seasons since their establishment as the “Boston Americans” in 1901, and won nine World Series Championships, the Red Sox have not always remained victorious. In fact, the organization failed to win a world championship for 86 seasons between the years 1918 and 2004.
Jones comments that after learning about the superstition, “The Curse of the Bambino,” he thought he may never see the Red Sox win the World Series. “Wow, it’s been over 80 years, this could really never happen. Then, it did. Now, I’ve seen four championships in fourteen years,” Jones states. He adds, “I am just so thankful to be a fan of this team, organization, and city, that’s now, without a doubt, the best sports city in the world. Boston is Title Town.”