New Found Freedoms and Struggles for FSU Freshmen

Jack Gallant – Staff Writer
The freshman class of 2022 has been at Fitchburg State for a little over two months now, and many of them have already made new friends, and have adjusted to new schedules and classes. However, the challenge that comes with new-found freedom can be a little daunting.
“It’s definitely tough just having all that freedom. Like, ‘oh I can stay up until 3:00 am if I really want to.’ But I usually don’t cause you have to just hunker down and be self-disciplined,” said freshman, football player, Isaac Blackman. He says that time management was the biggest adjustment for him because teachers or parents are not there to apply pressure. Many students that come in enjoy their professors and their classes, but as midterms roll around, incoming freshman get a glimpse at what a heavier workload looks like in an already busy schedule.
Some first-year students struggle with the financial reality of being away at University. With the ability to make independant financial decisions, the option to buy pizza or Chinese food regularly can quickly eat into savings. Freshman, Tatiana White, summed up the struggle saying, “I’ve never been this broke in my life.”
FSU, aims to welcome freshman and provide them the tools and options they need to make Fitchburg feel like home. However, it is up to them to pass classes, get enough sleep and not to go broke.