Living Life as a Broke College Student

In college, there are many reasons why we may not have the money we need to buy the things we want. Most the time, our money goes to books, food,  and other necessities. But sometimes, when we have money left over, we have a hard time trying to figure out how much is too much to spend. Some of us have jobs and some of us don’t.  Although we may have different backgrounds and different financial situations, we have all come to ask ourselves this question: How do we spend money without going broke?
One way you can do this is by simple budgeting and planning. Budgeting might seem intimidating at first but once you realize how easy it is, you’ll have no problem integrating it into your routine. If you are the type of person that likes to look at things more broadly, consider a monthly budget. You can do this by setting a certain amount of money that you cannot spend each month for each type thing that you may buy. An example of this could be not spending more than $300 a month on food, $100 on things you want (like videogames, clothes, or makeup), and $400 necessities (medicines, feminine products, etc.). Then, you can leave the rest of the money for emergencies. You can do a similar process of budgeting for weekly, quarterly, or even yearly. It’s up to you. Having both a savings account and checking account can make budgeting easier. Don’t touch what you’ve already moved into savings.
Something that could really help while out shopping, if you choose not to budget is just go by how much cash you have on you while you’re out. When I’m out, I typically make sure that I only have 10 to 20 dollars in cash on me and I don’t use my card at all. If what I am buying costs more than how much money I have in cash, I won’t get it. Doing this will also make you really pay attention to prices and deals in stores and will make you even better at saving money.