Pavel Romaniko's 'A Guide to Collective Melancholia' Displayed in FSU Art Gallery


By Emma Thomson
Currently displayed in the art gallery on the G-level of Hammond Hall at Fitchburg State University is the work of artist, Pavel Romaniko. Romaniko’s collection of framed works is titled “A Guide to Collective Melancholia,” and consists of fifteen pigment prints that visually explore Romaniko’s concept of change in societies around the globe.
Notably, it explores how certain societies reject the idea of ongoing change, while others continue to advance and develop quickly over time. Romaniko was born in 1980, in a small town outside Moscow, Russia; therefore, his work is much inspired by his personal life and relationship with his past experiences as a Russian native.
Romaniko’s collections have been displayed in galleries across the country, including the Rutgers University art gallery in Newark, New Jersey in 2017. Posted on their gallery’s website is a quote from Romaniko that reads, “My work has long dealt with change, and specifically with the opposites of that concept. On the one hand, the world and society have sped up and the rate at which everything is changing has become immeasurable. On the other hand, some societies have resisted that change—constructing bubbles and keeping them afloat. Post-Soviet Russia is one of those places.”
Pavel Romaniko’s artwork will remain displayed in the Hammond Hall art gallery at FSU from Thursday, November 1 to Friday, December 28, 2018.