Glenn's Friends Hit the Ice

Glenn’s Friends at the Wallace Civic Center (John Plue)

By John Plue
Glenn’s Friends is an organization that was created in memory for Glenn Roberts. Roberts had Familial ALS. He and his wife, Debra Roberts attended Fitchburg State University. In 2013 Roberts passed away. In memory of him, his wife and family started the organization Glenn’s Friends. Glenn’s friends gives Fitchburg High school students a $500 scholarship and also donate money towards the ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter.
On Friday, Feb. 1 and Saturday, Feb. 2, Glenn’s Friends held two fundraisers, an open skate at the ice rink at Wallace Civic Center and sold tickets to the hockey games for Fitchburg State University against Plymouth State University and Fitchburg High School against Lunenburg High School. They also sold lanyards, bracelets, and accepted any kind of donations anyone was willing to give.
“We’re hoping to raise enough money so that the $500 scholarship can stay forever,” said Debra Roberts. They are also funding the ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter which helps support people with ALS and their families. They also are searching for treatments and cures for ALS. Debra said that they are close to a cure for Familial ALS.
The open skate was Glenn’s Friends first time doing an event like that. Samantha Woodman, a senior at Fitchburg State, said that she thinks the school should do more events like the open skate. “It would be fun for everyone to skate with each other,” Woodman said.
There was a lot of adults that attended the open skate. The equipment room was running out of sizes for people who rented skates, only children sizes remained towards the middle of the event.
The two hockey games on Saturday, Feb. 2 also drew in a crowd of people. Jordin Holmes, a freshman who plays for Fitchburg State’s hockey team said, “We had a really good showing.” They lost 4-3 with Plymouth pulling through in overtime to break the tie. Holmes said, “All the guys really played their hearts out. It was a really good night.”