Captain Marvel Launches Into Theaters

Screenshot from Captain Marvel

By Jaly Marquez
The upcoming Captain Marvel movie tells the story of Carol Danvers, who gains her powers while working as an Air Force pilot and experiences a cosmic accident. The leading actress and star heroin is Brie Larson. She previously starred in Room as well as Kong: Skull Island.
This film adaptation will follow “Earth’s Mightiest Hero” from Marvel Comics to the big screen. The popular characters that join the ranks of the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) are Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, and Ben Mendelson. Every Marvel superhero movie must have a villain and in this case the “bad guys” are Skrulls. The leader of the Skrulls, Talos, will be played by Ben Mendelson and his intent is to invade planet Earth. This movie is going back all the way to 1995 and we have yet to know why this actually happens but many believe that it ties in with the last released Marvel Movie: Infinity Wars.
This movie is expected to hit box-offices and break previous records due to the fact that the main lead is a female. This up and coming movie already has a trailer that seems promising and action-packed. The release date for the movie will be March 8, 2019. Many kids, especially young women, are excited to see a great example of women taking charge and making impacts all around the world, even in the movie business, and as superheroes. Many people are hoping this movie helps revive their past let down of Infinity Wars very grim ending.