Winter Has Come

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1
Screenshot From Game of Thrones Season 8

By Makenzie MacDonald
Winter has finally come, and the series that has swept across the nation as one of the most watched shows on HBO continues to drop trailers and sneak peeks into the world of the thrones for season eight.
After a long anticipated two years, viewers have counted down the days for the April 14 arrival of the first episode of the new and final season, in hopes to find answers from the previous season, and discover the fate of beloved characters that have stolen the hearts of watchers.
The previous series left viewers questioning what would happen next when the Night King gained one of Daenerys’ dragons, Viserion, besides the obvious attack on The Wall. As well as what fate Jon Snow will soon face when his brother Bran reveals to him that he is truly the heir to the Iron Throne. Not only is he the heir to the throne but he also was never a “bastard child” as he was brought up to be, he was the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys’ oldest brother, which then means he hooked up with his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen, in the very last moments of the season finale back in August of 2017.
The question remained as what would Dany do when she found out? Will the North be able to defeat the White Walkers? And, what is Cersei planning back in King’s Landing, the possibly pregnant “Queen” was last scene smirking mischievously in the March 5 released trailer of season eight. And the Night King actor, Vladimir Furrdik, exposed in an Entertainment Weekly interview, “People will see he has a target he wants to kill, and you will find out who that is.”
The first episode of the new season begins with an entirely different opening credit that viewers have not seen before, everything infused in ice, the wall has a gaping hole in it due to the previous season finale, more than just a quick view of the seven kingdoms; we visit the crypts under Winterfell, a new, additional view of Last Hearth, hyping viewers for the near end of this famous HBO series.
Beginning with a young boy running to catch a glimpse of what was entering his home, a gigantic army of the unsullied, which means Daenerys Targaryen has arrived, with the handsome “Jon Snow” riding by her side. The costume designs of each character being exquisite to compliment the weather the foreigners of the North are facing. As well as the perfectly captured moment where Dany’s dragons make an entrance that the north will remember, as their mother looks up that them with a smirk of complete pride and power we know she obtains.
This episode was filled with emotional reunions of what is left of the Stark family, comical comments of each character that lightened the intense thought in the very back of the viewers’ minds, where is the Night King and the entire army of the White Walkers.
The most relevant events that happened in this first episode is the revealing of the truth of who Jon Snow is, and who better to reveal it than the precious Samuel Tarly? (Who also finds out his brother and father was seared by Dany’s dragons, which he did not take well)
After Sam tells Jon he is actually the King of the Seven Kingdoms, as his real name being Aegon Targaryen, Jon is in denial but essentially continues to believe what Sam told him. But he is confused on what to do now, does he tell Dany?
The truth behind the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms would possibly set the new love the silver haired queen and the wolf have developed in such time to ashes. Not to mention, she allowed him to fly one of her dragons, Rheagal to be exact, named after her brother, also known as, Jon’s, or should I say Aegon’s biological father.
Theon Greyjoy makes an appearance finally learning how to rescue his sister. While his uncle, Euron Greyjoy, is busy arriving back with the Golden Company army to help swoon Queen Cersai, which works, disgustingly enough.
The production of Dragon Glass weapons is in the making, Ayra finally speaks to The Hound and Gendry again, reflecting on memories some are and some aren’t fond of, being robbed and then left to die, so The Hound last remembers of the youngest female stark.
Tormund and Edd are still alive, among others of the Night’s Watch and Wildings crew. However, the Night King left an eerie message for them consisting of a dead Ned Umber and arms surrounding his body completing the symbol of the White Walkers.
The North is upset with Jon for bending the knee to Daenerys, and the lovely Sir Jamie Lannister makes an appearance to wrap up the last few minutes of the episode as he notices Bran staring right at him.
The ending of the episode was followed by a sneak peak into the next coming episode, revealing there is going to be some hatred due to Jamie’s arrival bringing back a dangerous history to many of the characters present at Winterfell. As well as something is big about to occur, will the White Walkers arrive to Winterfell in the next episode? Or is it something else no one is expecting?
The remaining episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones will premiere every Sunday at 9 P.M. on HBO.