Bible Study On Campus

By Sylvia Agyeiwaa
Interested in learning more about the bible or do you want to go to church on campus?  Fitchburg State University has a bible study group that is hosted by some FSU students and a pastor from a church called NewLife Church, the meetings for Bible study is every Wednesday at 5 in Hammond. The University also has a church on campus called the “First Love Church which meets on Sundays for everyone.
The Black Student Union helped arrange this program to be available on campus. During this meeting, the group discusses some quotes from the bible and talk about their understanding about the specific quotes in the Bible, the group also talked about some talents members have that can contribute to the church.  The pastor also asks members to ask him questions because he is open to answering all types of questions.
The group is very friendly and welcoming to all. “This is our way of getting to know God more because when we are away from home, we tend to lose faith” Philly Boakye, a senior who attends the group says.
The Sunday service group meets on Sunday, like a normal church where the pastor preaches and singers do praise and worship. “The singing choir always having us feeling so emotional and feeling the presence of God when they sing they give us chills” Faisat Quadry, a freshman says.
The bible study group also sometimes provide refreshments for their members. The Pastor also makes sure that you feel comfortable because he tries to relate to the members who are mostly college students, he understands that some college students come to school and start to drift away from God because they feel like they finally have the freedom they’ve always wanted. “I try to put myself in your shoes because I know that college kids go through a lot.”