Spoiler Alert! Avengers: Endgame

By Makenzie MacDonald
The time has come, on April 26, 2019, Avengers: Endgame has been released into theaters where viewers will finally know the fate of the superheroes that survived and discover if the ones who were destroyed by Thanos’ infinity stones will be revived.
The end of Avengers: Infinity War was packed with drama, action and frustration, especially during the final stages of the movie. With an outbreak of a battle between Thanos’ army, the Black Order, and the Avengers in Wakanda, to Thanos’ continuous search for the mind stone from Vision to complete the gauntlet’s full power of the six infinity stones. Of course,  Thanos does this, snapping his fingers and wiping out 50% of all living creatures on Earth in hopes the other 50% of the population will thrive.
All that is left of the Avengers is the original members, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkey, leaving them to come together to destroy Thanos and bring back the other beloved Avengers. However, at the end of Infinity War, Nick Fury was able to contact Captain Marvel to save the day before the infinity stones diminished him as well.
The teaser trailers released can now be pieced together to create an intense three-hour movie that reveals how the Avengers planned to bring back those who have fallen, and restore Earth back to how it was and then some.
The beginning of the movie starts off with the original Avengers, plus Captain Marvel and Nebula, locating Thanos’ recent activity with the infinity stones, leading them to “The Garden” the planet where Thanos chose to stay for “retirement” as War Machine mockingly mentioned.
So the gang and then some make their way to their enemy, as a scene is shot of purely just Thanos in a hut after collecting food from a field, noticeably injured, which is then later revealed he destroyed the infinity stones completely so what he had done could never be undone. And then of course, Thor, aiming for the head this time, kills Thanos and the Avengers are left with figuring out Plan B.
Five years pass, only 5 hours for Ant-Man, as he returns to Earth with the help of a rat stepping on the correct buttons in order to operate the Quantum Tunnel in the brown Pym Van. He eventually finds out what happened from the time he was gone, searches for his daughter, Cassie, finds her, they have a moment and then he moves on to find the Avengers.
Black Widow and Captain America receive a call from the front gate from Ant Man, describing an Idea to get everyone back through the Quantum realm. Traveling back in time and retrieving the infinity stones to reverse the single snap Thanos did in Infinity War.
Eventually, the three propose the idea to the Megamind himself, Tony Stark, who turns it down because of the life he has now but is later shot brainstorming an idea for it that inevitably works.
The team of Ant-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor (who is fat now), Rocket Raccoon, Hulk, War Machine, and Nebula split into groups and go back into time during certain years where three of the stones, Time Stone, Mind Stone, and Space Stone were found in New York, the reality stone in Asgard, the Soul Stone in Vormir, and the Power Stone in Morag. All were successful in return besides Nebula who was found and captured by the year 2014 Thanos and Black Widow sacrificed herself so Hawkeye could retrieve the soul stone.
The Avengers are all located at their headquarters as the Hulk is seen putting on the Tony Stark version of the Gauntlet to reverse Thanos’ snap and bring back the diminished 50% of all living creatures. However, though is is successfully overturned, “evil” 2014 Nebula makes her way through the Quantum Realm to allow 2014 Thanos to enter present-day and destroy the Avengers.
A gigantic battle breaks out during the last hour and a half, as the Avengers continue to fight Thanos as he sends “evil” Nebula to find the Gauntlet with all the infinity stones attached for him. Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America are first to begin the battle against him, which is when Captain America becomes worthy to wield Mjolnir as a weapon. Which, yes Thor was able to retrieve his hammer again because when he went back to 2013 version of Asgard he brought it back to present day.
As the battle continues between the three the Avengers start to become more and more defeated, but just then, Sam “The Falcon” calls into Captain America’s earpiece asking if he can hear him, as Black Panther walks through a sorcerers sling ring with all of Wakanda’s warriors behind him. Doctor Strange appears, as well as Spider-man, Star-Lord, the Wasp, Bucky, Falcon, the Scarlet Witch, Groot, Drax, and Mantis. Thus, the true End Game, keeping the stones away from Thanos once again.
The end of the battle contains an awesome girl power formation of all the female avengers uniting to find their way to the Pym van. That the stones can be returned to where they were found, but then that plan goes south and Thanos gets the Gauntlet glove, attaching it to his hand, Tony Stark saves the day.
Stark grabs the hand of Thanos that the Gauntlet is on, seeming as if his plan didn’t work but as Thanos goes to snap his fingers again claiming “I am inevitable,” nothing happens. The camera then pans back over to Stark, the stones in his version of the Gauntlet, saying the heroic lines of “and I am Iron Man,” as he snaps his fingers. In that moment, all of Thanos and the Black Order are wiped out from the Universe, and Tony Stark dies from the impact the Gauntlet had on his body, as Pepper Potts tells him he can rest now.  
The movie ends with a funeral remembering Stark, and Captain America finally returning the stones back to their rightful locations, but he comes back as an old man. Why? Because he decided to enjoy the life he always wanted with Peggy, as Stark once advised him to do. He gave up his shield to Sam, The Falcon, to continue the legacy of Captain America As well as Thor giving up his reign of New Asgard to Valkyrie as he joins the Guardians as the Galaxy instead.