Chipotle Set To Open Doors in Leominster


By Clovis Anokye

A Chipotle Mexican Grill will be opening October 17, 2019 on Mill Street in Leominster. Construction on the restaurant began early in the summer. Job openings were made available in mid August.
The possibility of a Chipotle location in the Fitchburg area has been discussed and some students are happy to have one around. Chipotle has about 2,250 locations in the United States, according to Reuters.
Sophomore Stanley Jeanty of Brockton, MA said, “Back home I ate Chipotle every chance I got(…) I’ve never got the chance to eat it while being on campus because there isn’t one around.”
Previously, the closest Chipotle to campus was in Marlborough — roughly thirty minutes away from campus; making it a tough option to incorporate into most Fitchburg State students choice of food. “It’s a lot more convenient because now I can have one of my favorite places to eat more often”, Michael Adomako, junior, said.
Despite Chipotle’s popularity, the restaurant has been under siege in recent years by outbreaks and has been forced to close stores, change safety procedures, and generally work to win back public confidence. Since the first outbreak, the company closed stores in affected markets for deep cleaning, and it moved quickly to implement new food safety procedures.
Chipotle’s menu generally has healthier options than the typical fast food restaurant. For junior Lucas Amico, “It means I have a better option than fast food to go to after work because it is in the same plaza.”
Chipotle will offer 150 reward points to customers ordering plant-based meals on “Meatless Mondays” throughout the month of October as they celebrate National Vegetarian Month. This is an effort to encourage Rewards members to explore vegan and veggie options.
They are also student friendly, such as offering student discounts with a school ID on monthly/daily promotions as well as their rewards program.