Student of the Month: Lindsey Duclos

Lindsay Duclos (right) won student of the month finding our hidden spot on campus with her roomate Kailey Como (left)

By Jill Moses

By locating our hidden spot on campus, Lindsey Duclos, a sophomore transfer student from Greenfield Community College, earned the title of this month’s Student of the Month! Lindsey is a special education major with elementary licensure. She does not play any sports here at Fitchburg State, but she is an excellent student. Lindsey is originally from Greenfield, MA with her two sisters Kasey, who is studying to be a doctor at UMASS Amherst and Molley, who is in the 6th grade. She also has one brother, Mikey, who is a sophomore in high school.
When Lindsey isn’t at school she likes to spend her time shopping and hanging out with her roommate, Kailey. Kailey and Lindsey have never suffered from the issues that many roommates do. “I couldn’t
have asked for a better roommate,” Duclos says. Lindsey lives on campus in Russell Towers on the ninth floor. She spends most of her time here at school hanging with her friends. As you can see, she likes to get involved with different school activities.
After Lindsey graduates, she hopes to get a job as soon as possible. She wants to become a third grade teacher somewhere back in Western Massachusetts so she can be closer to her family. Lindsey is a
successful person in her studies and as a person and will grow to become more successful in the future.
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