Rec Center Begins Reopening Process


Lorenzo DeMalia – 
Students across campus were met with a welcoming email on Monday the 14th of September, with Fitchburg States Recreational Services announcing the reopening of the Rec Center. Albeit with restrictions to ensure that students are following social distancing protocols. A part of the new rules includes wearing a mask, which should be done anytime a student is around campus.
The biggest change will be reservations as students will be expected to make a reservation before entering the rec center. This will include reserving workout areas, equipment, and basketball courts. Basketball hoops will be restricted to single-use only for the time being. While the dance studio has been closed, one court in the gym has been reserved as a fitness zone. Inside each specific fitness zone, there’s a set of equipment with everything you would usually find in the dance studio. 
Among other precautions include students swiping their own one cards to sign in at the front desk, fitness machines in the fitness center being spaced out to ensure social distancing, and an increase in Rec Center staff to ensure all the equipment is clean. 
“In terms of the Rec’s staff having health safety prioritized we are as safe as we can be” Said Junior Jordan Lesage who currently works at the Rec Center. “Brad Cohrs [Director of Recreation Services] was great about keeping student employees in the loop throughout the quarantine about what protocols we were going to be taking to ensure the safety of both the staff and students”
This is the first phase of the reopening plan, and for now, the rec center is only available for Fitchburg State students. It’s each student’s responsibility to ensure they are following protocols, by cleaning and sanitizing equipment after each use. The Rec Center is providing all the tools necessary with sanitizer and towels available across the facility. More changes can be expected as the semester progresses. For now, students have a safe place to stay active and healthy.