FSU Theater Program Produces "Our Reckoning" Amid Pandemic


Emmanuella Konadu Performing (Samantha Demanbey)

Brooke Pelletier –
This fall, despite being in a pandemic-ridden semester, the Fitchburg State University Theatre Department is saying “on with the show!”
The upcoming production of “Our Reckoning” speaks for itself, in that it faces the issues of today head-on. The show’s individual pieces which are mostly student-written and student-performed, aim to focus on issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, PTSD, struggles with academia with ADHD, our current coronavirus pandemic, mental illness, among other important issues.
Director and Professor Mary Vreeland says about the show that it is about the notion that we have to come to a collective or personal reckoning with these important issues. The compounding stress of them weighs heavy on us, so the production is aimed to enlighten audience members on the issues and give them the strength to face them.
Professor Kelly Morgan also says about the show that since so many places are closing down their arts outlets, this offers opportunities to serve students professionally, but also serve the student body. This production aims to further the audience’s own understandings/dialogues, and help alleviate their own stresses and create a larger sense of community awareness. 
The students and performers are excited to share their voices to spread their messages and awareness across the campus community. For many, the pieces they are performing are personal to themselves and want to connect with others and raise their voices as well. For Fernando “JC” Santiago, who has experienced racism from both sides, or Freddie “Susan” Timmons, who is a survivor and an LGBT+ individual, among others, their pieces hope to reach out to others who may have been in similar situations and ask for them to listen and reach out in turn.
While the show was meant to hold an in-person audience, for safety reasons the decision was made to record, edit, and post the video of the performances online for a broader audience to view. 
Anyone interested in viewing the performances simply needs to fill out the attached Google Form for security and copyright purposes. Upon completion of the survey, you will be given the link to the FSU Communications Media Vimeo page and password, and be able to view the performances.
Google Form: https://forms.gle/Tz9AKi6FT7KKZdi76

Muchafara Punungwe getting ready to perform (Above), and Emmanuella Konadu performing in front of a group of students (Top) (Photos courtesy of Samantha Demanbey)