Destare hosts tasteful events

Destare brings a touch of sophistication to downtown Fitchburg.

By Shayne Toscano

One delectable event to enjoy before a night out is Destaré’s monthly Liquor and Food Tasting, where the over-21 crowd can not only taste fine liquor, but also be informed about its origin and production.
For April, Don Julio Tequila, the top-selling ultra-premium tequila in Mexico, was the liquor for the tasting. The cost per ticket was $15, which included various samples of the liquor and samples of one of Destaré’s entrées. Ten guests were present at the event on April 1, adding to the intimate atmosphere; the tasting lasted for an hour and 15 minutes, giving just enough time for an informative and enjoyable experience.
Destaré provides a unique and elegant atmosphere with a welcoming and warm decor, relaxing music and plenty of lounging areas. Although I arrived with another guest at the stated start time of 7 p.m., we were still able to purchase our ticket, sit, and order a drink before the event began.
At 7:15 guests were welcomed into the back room, where each of us traded our ticket for a margarita and sat down on a rectangular sofa with tables set up for the tasting. On the tables were five glasses on a placemat that explained what type of tequila was in each glass, along with a brief description.
After everyone had settled in, the speaker introduced himself and the liquor that would be tasted. He began to explain the history of Don Julio and the process of creating the tequila from the blue agave plant. This presentation was punctuated by tastings of the five different types of Don Julio Tequila: Real, Anejo, Reposado, Blanco, and 1942.
About midway through the presentation, after the second tasting, we were given Buffalo-chicken flatbreads. As I am vegan, I did not try this plate, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. There was plenty for several servings to go around, and many of the guests had seconds and thirds.
At the end of the presentation, there was an open-question session with the speaker, with the opportunity for a second tasting of the liquors. After this, everyone stayed and talked for a while; the other guests and the staff members were all very friendly, and the wide age range of the guests gave a diverse feel to the event. Everyone was given a Don Julio mixer set that came with a mixer and a glass.
The event ended around 8:30, leaving the guests with the entire night still ahead of them.  By then, Destaré was much livelier than it had been when the event started. We stayed and enjoyed the live music that had begun during the tasting.
At this event, participants are not only given a taste of premium liquor, but also taught how to properly taste it, how the liquor was produced, and the origin of it as well. We were also provided with food, a drink, and a mixer set, all included in the ticket price.
Overall, this event is definitely worth the $15 for the ticket, and is a good way to begin a night out.
Destaré has this event every month; the next Liquor and Food Tasting will be on May 6 at 7 p.m., and the type of liquor for this event will be vodka.