Scream Kings offers acting experience

Green Monster Scream King!

By Serena Taylor

Young, inexperienced men and women have found themselves acting on the big screen with a well-known local production company called Scream Kings. Frat House Massacre, Camp Slaughter, and Sculpture are just a few of the many horror and thriller short-films produced by Scream Kings.
“Scream Kings is a Boston based company dedicated to the creation of cutting edge horror and thrillers with a modern, intelligent edge and a retro sensibility” states the Scream Kings website.
Scream Kings looks for actors of all ages. No experience is required.
“They will work with you and do what they need to do to make it work.” says Bryan Lombardo, a 24-year-old actor.
In late 2005 Lombardo first learned about Scream King’s productions.
“A friend of mine that I worked with started modeling. Scream Kings found him through a website he was modeling for. Through another friend of mine, Steve Hebert, they found me.”
His first production was The Turnaround. He was also in April Fools, Deal with Death, Dirt Bag, Multiple Assigns, Rewind, Santa’s List, The Lurker, The Ringer, and The Green Monster.
Lombardo was 19 when he started acting for Scream Kings. Acting was not something he inspired to do but he now loves it. His favorite film was The Green Monster.
“It was a feature film and I got to portray someone that I wasn’t at all. I played a coke-dealing thug named Roger. It wasn’t a huge role but it was a great experience.” he says.
All of the films they produce are horror films. Typically they are short films lasting about a half hour each. The Green Monster is one of their feature length films, which was filmed in Fitchburg and premiered in New York City.
“We met Steve Dash, he played Jason’s stunt double in Friday the 13th Part II, which was a really cool experience.” Lambardo says about premiere of the film, which showcased to nearly 300 people.
The company recently sold one of their movies,Sculpture, to Wal-Mart and Red Box. As the page states, “Sculpture is a psychological horror gore-fest that tells the story of Ashley Steele, an aspiring artist who returns home after the death of her father only to find the haunting memories of her repressed childhood await her. She is commissioned to create a life-size sculpture of the perfect man, and uses body builders from her brother’s gym as models, but soon finds herself spiraling down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder as she frantically tries to complete her masterpiece.”
The cast sometimes makes money depending on the size of the film. “They might throw us 50 bucks for the day or feed us really well. The smaller films sometimes take a weekend to film. Sometimes it can take 3-7 days. The films are normally about a half hour in length.” Lombardo comments.
A Scream King’s audition requires no previous acting experience. The directors have the actors do a little skit and some line reading. You will do a killing scene. In the past they have had people strangle someone or they will have someone strangle you so they can see how well you can act dying.
The audition is a lot of improvisational work. Both Scream Kings and Untold Horror have Facebook pages and websites with information on casting calls. They suggest sending them a message and they will respond with information about auditions.