GSA’s Annual Benefit Drag Show Returns


Meaghan Walsh

Meaghan Walsh, Staff Writer

Fitchburg State University’s Gay-Straight Alliance hosted it’s fifteenth annual benefit Drag Show, The Gayest Showman, on March 31, 2022 at 7pm. This year would’ve marked the 18th show but, due to a COVID-19 induced two year hiatus, this year made it the fifteenth show. All the money that was raised goes towards the LGBTQ Student Scholarship at Fitchburg State.

The Fitchburg State University Dance Club opened the night with a performance to The Greatest Show, the opening song of the 2017 musical film The Greatest Showman. Additionally, the show’s decorations were circus themed, with ferris wheels on most tables and circus peanuts offered as concessions. There was even a decoration tiger jumping through an LED hoop on stage.

The 11 drag queens of the night were Raquel Blake (who was also the host), Lady Sabrina, Miss Kris Kinievil, Karisma, Destiny, G-licious G, Onyx, Ivy League, Abby Cummings, Jada Pinkett Fox, and Mizery.

The night consisted of various kinds of performances from the 12 different queens, a drag race between 5 student or staff members, and a vocal performance from Jada Pinkett Fox. And, of course, some broken chairs from Mizery.

Each performance was unique, consisting mostly of dancing and lip-syncing songs ranging from Ariana Grande to Carrie Underwood. All of their outfits, choreographies, and wigs were vibrant and kept everyone waiting to see what was next. Some outfits had two, or even three different removable parts.

A highlight of the night was when Raquel Blake realized there was a baby in the crowd. In the middle of talking, she just said “Is that a child?” which then resulted in said child she spotted, named Liam, being lifted in the air by his parents for the audience to see. The spotlight shone on Liam and everyone cheered. The show then went one, but only after Liam did a high five with Raquel Blake.

The queens were not the only performers on that Thursday night, however. Students and staff at Fitchburg State University participated in a drag race. The race had three men and, new to this year, two women voted on by putting money in jars in Hammond for the past few weeks. Those who raised the most money were pulled on stage to be given to the queens and turned into drag queens and kings, respectively.

The student kings and queens came back out after around 40 minutes, with their makeup and hair done. Each student made their own way down the hallway, and then all went out and did their own performance to Olivia Rodrigo’s Good For You. Student spectators went wild, even throwing money at the students in drag when they made their way into the bleachers.