Black Student Union Welcomes Students Back to Campus with a Bash


The Point

Owalid Rahman (Right) and Angel Ruiz (Left) on the 360 Booth; via The Point

Nicholas Valdez, Staff Writer, Managing Editor

Saturday, September 10, the Black Student Union invited students to the quad to celebrate the return of the school year. The event hosted the likes of a party, a DJ, a free BBQ, raffles every hour, and a couple of innovative photo booths that really highlighted the night for many of the events’ attendees.


“I saw it on a couple different pages, so I definitely wanted to just come check it out,” said Owalid Rahman, a student at Fitchburg State. “The photo booth was something that I had never seen before. I liked it a lot and definitely had a good experience.”


The photo booth that Rahman mentioned was the 360 Booth, where it would have guests stand on a small, well-lit podium and have a GoPro spin around them multiple times. Crowds of students lined up to have a shot at dancing, posing, or simply goofing off alongside their friends and the live music.


“[The photo booths] were actually pretty fun. You could be a little silly and stuff like that with your friends and joke around. The only thing was I didn’t get my picture at the end of the day because it was limited, but that’s about it,” said Angel Ruiz, a friend of Rahman’s that tagged along to attend the event.


Although the line for the photo booth was long, they did not compare to the line for the food. Hordes of visitors swarmed the tables for a plate of the BBQ that the Black Student Union was serving. 


“I wasn’t too hungry, but I could tell there was a long line, so the food must have been good.” said Ruiz.


And even without a plate of food, Ruiz believes that the spirit of these events resides in the time that you spend with your friends: “Having friends around and stuff like that definitely helps. The environment was good, like I just had a fun time.”