Latinx Heritage Month holds Opening Event



Latinx heritage month holds opening event.

Jaxon Deary, Staff Writer

The Latinx/a/o Heritage Month Committee kicked off the start of the month this Thursday by hosting a social opening event in the quad with delicious food and fun music. At 5:30 P.M, The Center of Diversity and Inclusiveness (CDI)  set out tables and gave plates for guests to help themselves to popular Latinx dishes. Guests were given many dishes to choose from, including empanadas, a type of fried turnover; pernil, a Puerto Rican pork shoulder dish; ensalada de coditos, otherwise known as macaroni salad; fried rice with beans, and chicken. 


I spoke with a friend of mine, Kalynn Vazquez, who came with me to the event. She told me that the food made her feel as if she was “back home for Thanksgiving”; as her family from Puerto Rico would prepare almost identical dishes on that holiday. 


The event was a great success, with almost a hundred students gathering in the quad to socialize, dance, and grab a delicious meal. The committee got students motivated to become more involved as Latinx Heritage Month is set into motion, with many more events coming up. From September 15th to October 15th, the National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers will provide more exciting opportunities for the local campus community to get involved, as we all celebrate the contributions and influence the Latinx/a/o community has on our culture and history through an annual assortment of entertaining and educational events throughout the month, all here at Fitchburg State.


This year, the theme for Latinx/a/o Heritage Month is titled ‘Unido: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation’. As the National Council mentions, the theme reinforces the need to “ensure diverse voices and perspectives are welcomed in decision-making processes, thereby helping to build stronger communities, and a stronger Nation.” 


Keep an eye out for more events happening around campus this month, including public guest speakers, workshops, exhibitions, food, and games!