Latinx/a/o Heritage Month Comes to a Close in a Special Comedy Event


Photo courtesy of Skip McDonald

Jaxon Deary and Skip McDonald, Staff Writer

Fitchburg State’s Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness hosted a special comedy event to end Latinx/a/o Heritage Month on Friday night, October 13, 2022. Comedians would take the stage and perform in Hammond Hall’s Falcon Hub in front of a Fitchburg State Falcon-themed backdrop. A small but energetic audience of about twenty students attended and mingled with provided refreshments. 


Gonzalez, originally from Puerto Rico, currently resides in Springfield, Massachusetts. Gonzalez presented himself confidently and casually as he presented to his audience, appearing comfortable and easy to talk to. 


“I had always wanted to be a comedian after I realized I would be an NBA star,” said Rafi Gonzalez, one of tonight’s comedians. 


Terrance Delane, one of the main comedians, is from Phoenix, Arizona, but eventually moved to Long Beach California to pursue his career in becoming a rapper. Delane presents himself on the stage wearing designer shoes, black slacks, and a colorful custom designer shirt. 


“Somewhere along the way I was drawn into the comedy scene, and now I travel all over the country enjoying the laughter of the audience,” said Delane. 


While humor was at the center of the festivities, the night’s focus was on diversity, especially in the Latinx community, and in the entertainment field.  


“Personally, I think the US is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and identities. You want that kind of representation, you want to be able to see yourself and relate to things and representation in entertainment,” said Zachary Stern, a Student here at Fitchburg State.


After asking whether that representation was something he experienced on campus, he replied “Personally, no.”


As Gonzalez took the stage, he told stories of his childhood and his move from Puerto Rico when he was ten years old. Gonzalez shared with the students that he was so unprepared for such a journey, thinking his family was simply going to the grocery store, with suitcases, when they were actually moving off the Island. 

Stories like this hit on the humor behind the challenges that many minorities face when finding new places to call home. 


Delaney took the stage next, and the audience were responding with laughter as he had a basic theme of his experience with culturally diverse relationships, referring to his own experiences.


The show ended with the performers doing a group picture with the audience.