The Point’s POV of Extremeties

Letter to the student body,

When we received the submission from the student, regarding the situation with the “Extremities” theater production, The Point staff read over the Op-Ed and decided as a team that it was The Point’s responsibility to publish a piece that voices student concerns.

In the print issue in which the student submission was published, The Point also published an article written by a Point staff member covering opening night of “Extremities” which was why the staff deemed it important to publish the Op-Ed in the same print issue as the article that covered the theater production.

The Point reached out to the Student Press Legal Center before publishing the Op-Ed to ensure that journalistic integrity would be maintained. Point staff also reached out to faculty involved in the “Extremities” production to let them know that the Op-Ed would be in the print issue, and that The Point would like to investigate the topic further by speaking with faculty involved.

Also, The Point would like to clarify to our readers that opinion pieces do not reflect the views or positions of our editorial board or staff, and that The Point is committed to a comprehensive investigation of the issue.

The Fitchburg Point