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From an iPod to an iPhone: I Phone 15 Review

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When we head into a jewelry store, we have 1:1 assistance, asking personalized questions in front of a sparkly glass case. You know you want to walk out with a shiny new item in a thick, unfoldable paper bag. What makes this any different from the iPhone experience? We clean our phones, stick on tempered glass screen protectors, and decorate them to match our personal aesthetics. iPhone’s are no longer pieces of the latest technology, but accessories.

Toivo Kramer, a recent customer of the iPhone 15, experienced a significant leap in technology. He recounts an incident where a classmate inquired information about his older phone, noting, “Oh, because I thought it was an iPod touch.” From transitioning from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 15, Toivo witnessed substantial changes.

Toivo Kramer was accustomed to the Touch ID feature, content with the classic home button. However, he’s quick to point out remarkable enhancements in various aspects, including battery life, screen size, image quality, and sound quality, along with a significant boost in overall device speed. As a student who already uses an Apple laptop and owns multiple Apple products, the decision to acquire another Apple device was a natural and fitting choice.

“It’s cool to have an iPhone,” Toivo Kramer remarks as he elaborates on his preference for Apple products. He acknowledges that his choice is based on familiarity and doesn’t hold any negative sentiment toward Samsung products, recognizing their quality. However, he highlights the formidable challenge of surpassing Apple in brand identity establishment. After investing a substantial $850.00 in his sleek new icy blue phone, he adds, “I’ve also invested in a screen protector and a case. Now that I own a new phone, I’m eager to ensure its longevity, considering the significant expense.”

Hidden within nightstands, cluttered cabinets of odds and ends, and the forgotten recesses of closets, you discover iPhone boxes. Apple’s patented box design, which seems to take an eternity to slide open, is meticulously crafted to infuse a sense of suspense and eager anticipation into the customer’s purchasing experience.

When asked why he still has his iPhone box, he explains, “I honestly have no idea… you feel like there’s some value to it.”
Creating a connection through a purchase imbues customers with the desire to preserve a memento. Retaining these iPhone boxes is akin to holding onto a keepsake of their journey with Apple and a symbol of acknowledgment that they’ve invested a substantial amount in a phone. Dropping a high quantity of cash on a product leaves customers seeking a token of memorabilia.

Each September, a portion of the population eagerly anticipates the launch of a new iPhone. This anticipation is a testament to the enduring strength of Apple’s brand identity, which has been forged through unwavering consistency. In today’s fast-paced world, marked by a focus on quantity, speed, and instant gratification, the power of a robust brand identity to become a household symbol has been repeatedly demonstrated as possible.

To Toivo Kramer, congratulations on the upgrade from an iPod to an iPhone.

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