Fitchburg, the new snow capital

By Kathleen Blandin
For the third time this month, students in Fitchburg are preparing for a winter storm. Morning classes for Jan. 21 have already been canceled at Fitchburg State University in response to the current winter weather advisory; afternoon classes will be held beginning at12:30.
Photographs By Kathleen Blandin & Nade Li
Last night’s snowstorm was expected to start around midnight and continue through Friday for a total accumulation of 3 to 5 inches, according to forecasts provided by the Weather Channel.
“The last snowfall was so bad, by the nighttime the sidewalks had all turned to ice and the snow felt more like little ice chips falling from the sky,” says one Fitchburg State student concerned about the walking and driving conditions.
The snowstorm that came a few days before the end of winter recess left over 10 inches of snow for campus crews to quickly plow and shovel out of the way for all the resident students moving back into their dorms on Jan. 17.
On Jan. 18, there was another snowfall that left between 5 to 10 inches more for the students to struggle with.
Hourly reports on current storm conditions are available at