A "fresh" look at Fitchburg

By Caroline Coskie
Fitchburg State University film students are eager to share their film “Fresh Water” with the community— a story of friendship and growth that you do not want to miss!
“[The movie] is about four friends looking for one last hoorah before they go off to do their own things,” says Alden Daila, editor and cowriter of “Fresh Water.”
Daila, along with Reid Connell, created the 19-minute film about four friends who grew up together, went to college together, and have finally graduated and preparing to go their separate ways.
“Our film has a lot of universal themes that everyone in life deals with.  We all know what it is like to be in a group of friends and we all know what it is like to experience change in our life; this film takes it and looks at it and explores that part of everyone’s life,” says Daila.
Daila explains that the story was inspired by his group of friends and their life experiences.   “I was always told to write what I know.  Here is a chance to do that. We know friendship, we know change.   [These are things] we are all going through right now.”
“We put our blood, sweat and tears into this film,” he says with a laugh, adding that money and awards were not the goal behind the movie.  “The goal for the film is to really just get it out there for people to see…Just having an effect on people is pretty cool.  It is always awesome to see that all types of people have a desire for the arts.  The important thing is that it is premiering in Fitchburg.  It is really nice to give back to the city that has made it possible for us to make it happen.”
“Fresh Water” will be premiering on Saturday February 5 at 7:30 pm at Cornerstone Studios, located at 454 Main St.  Tickets are not necessary but donations will be taken at the door.  Along with a full screening of “Fresh Water,” there will be some interesting behind the scenes action so you can see “how student film makers roll” as Daila puts it.