Bangkok Hill brings new life to old favorites

By Samantha Bent

If you’re craving authentic Thai food, you are in luck. Bangkok Hill brings the taste of Thailand to Lunenburg.  The building’s tiny stature will deceive you; inside awaits palatable pleasures that will make redefine any former ideas you thought you had about good Thai food.
When you walk in to the dining room– which is so cozy and comfortable it will remind you of your grandmother’s dining room—the enthusiastic owner, May Bivatyukan, greets you with a huge, welcoming smile.  This woman, who also serves as waitress and hostess, is delightful; she is extremely energetic and always excited to see everyone who comes in.  Although the dining room seems small, I have never once had to wait to be seated, despite the crowd that is inevitably gathered inside. This is due largely in part to the efficiency with which the restaurant runs.  A constant stream of patrons is always cycling through the place, and no one is ignored.
In addition to the charming atmosphere, the food is incredible and best of all, the diverse menu has something delicious for everyone.   Their scallion pancakes are some of the best I have ever had.   I tend to find that most restaurants make this appetizer greasy and chewy, but Bangkok Hill’s version was crispy and full of flavor.  The fried wantons were a delightful surprise, as well.  Crispy on the outside with a delicious filling, and served with sweet dipping sauce, this fried creation will have you desperate to order seconds.  The Pad Thai was also some of the best I have ever had, with just the right combination of peanut flavor and ethnic spices.  My personal favorite dish, however, was the cashew chicken, which I was pleased to find more savory than spicy.  All of the food is made fresh to order and comes straight out from the kitchen steaming hot and in generous portions.  Best of all, most lunch specials are for under $10, and most dinner specials are under $15.
But wait, Fitchburg State students, there is still more!  If everyone at your table has their OneCard with them, 10% is taken off the bill.  So if you’re looking for amazing food and top notch service in a delightful atmosphere, Bangkok Hill is the place to go for sure.
Bangkok Hill is located at 177 Mass Ave. in Lunenburg, on the left before you get to Wal-Mart.