Get Throwed! into the mix

By Stephanie Peterson
Students at Fitchburg State University have been buzzing about the indie-electro dance party known as Throwed!  Hosted in Cambridge, Throwed! is the place to be on a Tuesday night.  Resident DJ Eric Marcelino, popularly known as E-Marce says,  “Everybody dances until the room is just glowing!”
So what is so special about this club? “Throwed! is the only party that consistently brings out world-class talent week after week for our fans to enjoy,” E-Marce enlightens. Past guests have included, Bloody Beetroots, Laidback Luke, Jack Beats and Designer Drugs. This dance party has a certain element that keeps 18+ hipsters bumpin’ and grindin’ begging for more. Throwed! has all the essentials that a party should have; photography, music, visuals, go-go dancers, and celebrities! On top of all these components, there is a “je ne sais quoi” feeling that is sensed as soon as you walk through the door. And when you hit the dance floor you’re instantly having an incredible time while the room is glowing with energy.
Photographer, Garrick Kwan says, “It’s amazing going out and seeing each and every one of my friends. Every week there’s more and more to add to the list.” Garrick documents these wild nights by taking photo-booth like photographs of all the guests in their glory.
Fellow host Justin Obara makes sure he parties hard every week. “It’s worth the drive for anyone in Fitchburg or in surrounding cities.  Most FSU students just pile into a car with a playlist set for the ride and head into Cambridge,” says Obara. With not a lot to do on a Tuesday night there have been an increasing amount of Fitchburg State students attending Throwed! Obara tells us, “I love seeing all my Central Mass friends there! It means what we’re doing is working and that kids are making the drive just to party with us. I love it!”  You can find Throwed! at 450 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA, and the cover charge is only $10.00!