A Dark Knight in Fitchburg

By Kathleen Blandin
This past weekend has left resident students in an uproar about an unknown projection sending out signs for help from super hero, Batman. Parkinson’s Gym has had a Batman projection displayed on it both Saturday and Sunday night.
Photographs By: Kathleen Blandin
Witnesses have said that the projection is from a residents room in Herlihy Hall.
“It’s awesome,” says Jeremy Miller, a resident of Herlihy Hall, “I really wish I thought of it, it’s a genius prank.”
Since camera’s and the internet are right at students on campus’ finger tips, pictures of the projection have been posted on many students facebook walls for everyone they know to see.
“That was one of the coolest things I have seen,” says Matt Schantz, a facebook user from Rochester, NY, “I live over 10 hours away and thanks to the speed of the internet and friends, I got to enjoy the sight of the prank as well!”
Sabrina, a third year transfer student explains, “I went outside with my friend and took pictures of it as soon as we saw it, so that I could let my family see online. It’s so cool!”
Student Video Footage of the Event.
Provided by Marco Trafecante